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Short Films


Kimo wants to forget his ex, Grace. 



What's the cost of love?


Lakeshore Drive

Reluctant reporter Addy Park falls into a killer story. Star Lake has seen a series of disappearances on a stretch of road in the rural lake town. With the pressure of her first byline and the lives of four people, Park must step out of her comfort zone to uncover the truth of who is behind the disappearances.

Candy House.PNG

Chronic Dissonance

Sometimes reality isn't so clear.


Candy House

A love-struck high school girl makes a deal with a magician to transfer her love into a boy. 

Candy House.PNG

Home Invasion

A daughter and father wait for their sister to arrive home in an alien invasion.

Home Invasion.PNG

Date Night

After the end of their long marriages, two 50-somethings are totally out of their comfort zone in terms of getting back into the dating scene. But through an unorthodox encounter, the strangers reconnect with their child-like nature motivating the reluctant duo to give the idea of romance another chance.


Star Code

An innocent prank on a principal with a gambling problem lands two teenage girls in more trouble than they bargained for.

star code.jpg
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